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Subprojects II

Task 1.- Integration of Renewable Energies into the cork boiling system (ERGOSUBER)

Coordinating Entity:

 Instituto del Corcho, la Madera y el Carbón Vegetal (ICMC- IPROCOR). Gobierno de Extremadura


Lead Researcher:

Francisco Javier Yuste Córdoba /

Mª José Trinidad Lozano /

+34 924003100


Participating Entities:

  • Instituto del Corcho, la Madera y el Carbón Vegetal (ICMC),
  • CIEMAT (Plataforma Solar de Almería).


This project boosts the overall sustainability of the cork boiling process, integrating the use of renewable energies with eco-efficiency and cost-effectiveness parameters, while generating by-products of potential commercial value.

It is expected to achieve the following results:

  • Significant reduction in the consumption of the production process through the use of renewable energies, which have not been used in this sector before now.
  • Obtaining commercially valuable by-products that give added value to the sector.
  • Achieving the purification of effluents generated through an eco-efficient and cost-effective treatment,  using innovative elements, with reduced costs and environmental impact, such as solar photo-oxidation.
  • Transfer of the technology developed to relevant sectors of the Euroregion EUROACE.
Task 2.- Information System to Support Decision Making in Green Energies (SIATDECO)

Coordinating Entity:

Computación y Tecnologías Avanzadas de Extremadura (COMPUTAEX).


Lead Researcher:

José Luis González Sánchez (CénitS - Computaex)

+34 927 659 317


Participing Entities:

  • ICMC: Instituto del Corcho, la Madera y el Carbón vegetal.
  • CETIEX: Centro Tecnológico Industrial de Extremadura.
  • FUNDECYT: Fundación para el Desarrollo de la Ciencia y la Tecnologí



In this project simulations of different climate models at 5, 10, 20 and 30 years into the future will be developed and the existing correlations between climate factors and green energy productivity in EUROACE will be studied in order to make decisions in various fields.

This work consists of:

  • Making an inventory of the existing green energy plants and sources in EUROACE.
  • Defining the variables to be analysed in the climate model.
  • Producing a climate model and capturing climate data in the area of La Raya (the Spanish-Portuguese border).
  • Implementing the Information System to Support Decision Making for use in the context of green energies.
  • Investigating the potential of other alternative green energies to those that are already established.