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The Researchers\' NIGHT will take place on Friday 27 September 2013

Participants can be any legal entity in the Member States and associated countries, and/or if relevant, constituting a partnership at regional, national or international level.

Objetivos Específicos y Actividades Financiables

This action aims to bring the researchers closer to the public at large, so enhancing their role in the mainstream of society.

Presupuesto Disponible

EUR 4 million of the 2013 budget(1). The final budget awarded to this call,following the evaluation of projects, may however vary up to 10% of the total value of this call (1) Under the condition that the draft budget for 2013 is adopted without modification by the budgetary authority

Tipo de Financiación

The grant will cover a period of up to seven months (covering the necessary awareness campaign, the activities during the night itself and the impact assessment period). Eligible costs will be those necessary for the completion of the action

Plazo de Presentación
  • Desde: 02 de octubre de 2012
  • Hasta: 08 de enero de 2013 17:00:00