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Virtual Network


Its overall objective is to create a framework for collaboration between institutions in the Centro and Alentejo regions of Portugal and Extremadura in the field of Research, Technological Development and Innovation.

The aim of this second phase of the project is to provide better solutions and greater dissemination of knowledge and to do so the development of a new platform is needed, which in addition to the functions of the previous phase shall provide new tools and facilities to the user, therefore using more innovative, safe and functional technology, coinciding with the rise of new technologies on the global scale. In this context, it is intended to:

  • Improve the design and implementation of joint cross-border projects through addition, centralisation and coordination of new collaboration tools.
  • Strengthen the network by sharing the platform as a communication and exchange tool.
  • Provide access to platform information and tools from any screen resolution employed by the user (PC, Tablet, Smartphone…) and to increase its dissemination through synchronisation with social networks.