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Virtual Network


  • Provide solutions and services to strengthen and improve interactions developed between different members of the network within the scope of the ecosystem generated by RITECA, through the implementation of innovative management platforms integrated within the Global Platform of RITECA (
  • Network strengthening through sharing of latest generation Collaboration Tools.
  • Improve the design and implementation of joint cross-border projects.



  • e-Learning Platform: Distance training and education platform for network partners to offer on-line courses, removing time-space barriers of geographically distributed centres.
  • Multi-videoConference: A collaboration system will be deployed both for IP protocol as well as PSTN which includes, instant messaging, teleconferencing (VoIP), multipoint videoconferencing, real-time sharing of applications and files and with touch screen being enabled.
  • Document Management: A tool that facilitates effective document management and control, which allows to efficiently share and make use of network resources in a safe and reliable manner.
  • Project Management: The relationships between network partners often gives rise to the possibility of joint undertaking projects. The use of this tool will enable an efficient and integrated management of these projects. It will allow to implement and define the various processes associated with effective project management, definition of tasks, time and resources, costs, procurement management and project quality.
  • Collaboration Tools: To improve interaction and collaboration between partners in joint-projects based on a distributed projects management platform. It will allow to create a database with all the contacts and entities belonging to the network. Likewise, calendars, tasks, events and shared resources may be generated for the network in general as well as for specific projects or events. Thus, management and centralisation of all the relevant information of all the network members may be achieved which will accelerate interactions between its members.