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R&D+i Interconection


Facilitate know-how of various companies from different sectors of the project, as well as any other external company, on the overall R&D+i offering by the Centres Network, with access to technology offer from each one of them.

RITECA Newsletter

Creation of an electronic newsletter with News, Offers and technology demands and Opportunities of business cooperation, in areas related to RITECA phase II sub-projects.  The newsletter will be adapted to the needs of each company and will provide easy access to information on behalf of themselves, thus helping to improve their competitiveness with up-to-date information.

Workshops and meetings of the business sector:

Tailor-made advice to stakeholders of RITECA Network interested to know more about the existing funding facilities and above all, those that best suit their needs.

Activities with the business sector include:

  • Task 1.- ENOVE+ Job Market Fair and Entrepreneur Fair
  • Task 2.- Theme based meetings on sports innovation
  • Task 3.- Information days on European calls
  • Task 4.- Sector-level Conferences in the Agri-food industry
  • Task 5.- Cross-border Conferences on Renewable Energy
  • Task 6.- Meetings on Heritage and Building Materials