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Riteca II Projects

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Defoliating pests in Dehesas: identification of risk areas for defoliating pests and forest fires

Activity 3.3.2


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Regulated deficit irrigation strategies and use of precision farming to improve water use efficiency in Japanese plum and vine
Use of precision agriculture to optimize water and fertilizer use and harvest date in vineyards
Postharvest technology and fresh-cut sector: Adding value to fruits and vegetables of regional interest
Healthy eating in schools in the Portalegre District
Optimization of the Olive Oil Extraction process
Study into the application of high hydrostatic pressure on Iberian cheeses (Torta del Casar and Évora cheese)
Effect of the application of high pressure in vacuum packaging of sliced Iberian ham
Development of the sensory profile of single varietal wines produced in the regions of Extremadura, Centro and Alentejo
Dehesas and Montados Observatory
Genetic Resources. Characterization and selection of ecotypes of annual meadow species, medicinal plants and grain legumes gathered in Extremadura and Alentejo
Caracterização de variedade de azeitonas e azeites destas produzidos, do Alentejo e da Extremadura
Integration of Renewable Energies into the cork boiling system (ERGOSUBER)
Information System to Support Decision Making in Green Energies (SIATDECO)
Building materials, sustainability and energy efficiency in the cross-border area Spain - Portugal
Revaluation of archaeological sites by applying non-destructive techniques
Computer aided surgery system (CAS) applied to laparoscopic interventions