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CIP-ICT PSP-2013-7


ICT Policy Support Programme

Project Life
Depending of the type of the project

I+D Projects
Specific objectives and eligible activities

The ICT PSP supports the realisation of European policies and in particular the Digital Agenda for Europe and is aligned with its priorities. It aims at stimulating smart sustainable and inclusive growth by accelerating the wider uptake and best use of innovative digital technologies and content by citizens, governments and businesses.

The programme addresses obstacles hindering further and better use of ICT based products and services and barriers for the development of thigh growth businesses, notably SMEs, in this field. It will foster the development of EU-wide markets for innovations enabling every company in Europe to benefit from the largest internal market in the world.

Amount Available

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  • From: december 21, 2012
  • To: may 14, 2013
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