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Centro de Investigaciones Científicas y Tecnológicas de Extremadura (CICYTEX)

The Governing Council has approved the decree of the Articles of Association of Scientific and Technological Research Centre of Extremadura (CICYTEX), attached to the Ministry of Enterprise, Employment and Innovation, which integrates Finca 'La Orden-Valdesequera' Research Institute, Agri-food Technology Institute (INTAEX) and Cork, Wood and Charcoal Institute (IPROCOR).


CICYTEX is founded pursuant to the Science, Technology and Innovation Law of Extremadura, in order to unify all the scientific resources in a single more efficient and coherent entity, which may be ascribed by all those centres, institutes, units or services belonging to the Government of Extremadura (Gobex) whose purpose is the generation of R&D+i should they decide to do so.

Its aim is to generate R&D+i in the institutes ascribed to it in order to contribute towards the advancement of knowledge and the economic, social and cultural development, as well as for the training of personnel and advice public and private entities in the field of R&D+i of Extremadura.

CICYTEX has its head office in the new building of La Orden-Valdesequera agricultural research centre in Guadajira (Badajoz) and combines all the powers of scientific and technical research, technological development and innovation in a structure designed to act globally and in an integrated manner.

Its tasks along with the rest of SECTI are the transfer of results of scientific and technical research to public and private institutions, to promote the creation of entities and technology-based companies, train research personnel and collaborate with other public and private bodies in terms of R&D+i activities, including the University of Extremadura as well as with other universities.

CICYTEX institutes are the centres wherein research activities are carried out and scientific-technical services are provided. With the integration of La Orden, INTAEX and IPROCOR, a new research framework is formed that would enable to act globally and in an integrated manner particularly in the fields of agriculture, animal husbandry, agri-food and natural resources of the meadow.

Each centre will have a Scientific Director of institute, one for each of the three centres integrated in CICYTEX, who will be responsible to run, promote and coordinate the centre's scientific and administrative activities where he or she has been appointed.

The activities of the institutes integrated in CICYTEX shall promote and coordinate research projects. They will also try to transfer research results and contribute to the training of scientific and technical research personnel and shall promote relations with other regional, national and international scientific institutions.

Likewise shall also provide advisory services and provide technical assistance to businesses, government bodies, associations, cooperatives and self-employed professionals from the sectors related to the competences of CICYTEX.


Secretariat of Science and Technology 

With the setting up of CICYTEX, the organisational structure of the Ministry of Enterprise, Employment and Innovation is altered, creating a General Secretariat of Science and Technology, which shall be responsible for the direction and management of R+D&i centres and technology parks in the region.

The Science, Technology and Innovation Law of Extremadura also records the creation of this secretariat which will also be in coordination with other public and private centres and the planning and coordination of research, technological development and innovation policies.

Also, from this new governing body, initiatives and aid programs and incentives for research, technological development and innovation of Extremadura are carried out.

The tasks of this new secretariat shall be exercised by the general secretary for Employment, Business and Technological Innovation.

The following will be attached to the General Secretariat of Science and Technology: Technological Institute of Ornamental Rocks and Building Materials (INTROMAC), Centre for Minimally Invasive Surgery (CCMI), Institute of Archeology of Mérida, FUNDECYT Foundation-Scientific and Technological Park of Extremadura, Computing and Advanced Technologies Foundation of Extremadura (COMPUTAEX), National Centre for Organic and Mountain Farming and National Centre of the Iberian pig.

The Governing Council shall shortly appoint the director of CICYTEX, on whom the institutes that are integrated into this centre will depend upon and will have the task of its day-to-day management. On the other hand, a Control Committee shall monitor the entity's activity and assess the performance levels of its tasks.