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RITECA is the Cross-border Research Network of Extremadura, Centro and Alentejo, made up of 23 partners from Spain and Portugal.

Its overall objective is to create a framework for collaboration between institutions in the Centro and Alentejo regions of Portugal and Extremadura in the field of Research, Technological Development and Innovation that will facilitate and accelerate these regions towards meeting the Lisbon objectives of the European Union.

On the other hand, RITECA pursues the increased competitiveness of technology centres and universities and encourages their participation in joint projects; the creation of networks, partnerships and concentration of information on R&D and knowledge of the activities, resources and objectives of their institutions.

Its main activities are:

  1. The development of a virtual network, with Science and Technology catalogues, Technology and Research Centres; ICT tools such as an e-learning platform, project management tools, document management tools, multi-platform conferencing, newsletter, search engine for announcements, etc.

  2. Interconnection R&D Activities, through scientific meetings and technical workshops, access to training and business area.

  3. 18 joint projects on topics :
    • The optimization of farming practices
    • Food and agriculture technology
    • Natural resources
    • Renewable energies
    • Heritage
    • Building materials
    • Health